YouTube removing sources of truth about Donbass situation - Miroshnik


The YouTube video hosting is clearing the media space of the sources of truth about the Donbass situation, Lugansk People’s Republic representative in the Contact Group subgroup on political issues Rodion Miroshnik wrote in his Telegram channel.

On Thursday night, YouTube removed the channels of the Lugansk Media Centre state-owned information agency, the LPR State Television and Radio Company and the press service of the Republic’s People’s Militia without any explanations.

“YouTube is clearing up the media space of the sources of reliable information about the situation in Donbass,” Miroshnik said adding that the Lugansk Media Centre channel was removed on YouTube without “war declaration or any explanations.”

They seek to deprive viewers across the world of truthful information from the scene of Donbass events, substituting it with Ukrainian fakes and U.S. speakers’ statements like “take the U.S. government’s words on faith,” he said.

In the conditions of total dumbing of viewers all over the world by western media, YouTube has committed a crime against the freedom of expression, introducing censorship against the outlets that disseminate the truth about the Donbass war, Ukrainian provocations and foreign mercenaries in the region, Miroshnik said.

It cannot be ruled out that this move was made in the runup to new provocations against the Donbass people, whose preparations had been reported by the Lugansk Media Centre channel on YouTube,” the LPR representative in the Contact Group political subgroup said. *i*r

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