Workers from Russian regions restore six sport centers in LPR

Workers from Russian sponsor regions have rebuilt six sport centers in the Lugansk People’s Republic, said the Russian Construction and Utilities Ministry.
“At Perevalsk’s Shakhtyor stadium, they renovated the main building, football pitch, race tracks and several sport grounds; a modern automated water control and disinfection system was installed in the swimming pool of the Yubileiny sport center in the town of Rovenki," the Ministry said. In Sverdlovsk, a specialized gym for wrestlers was renovated at the Republican physical health center, with refitted shower rooms and new gym mats.
Repairs on the swimming pool of the children's sport school in Kirovsk are ongoing. An artillery shell punctured the roof and the swimming pool basin. After experts examined the scope of repairs, specialists from the Irkutsk region dismantled the damaged roof to replace with a concrete one, and also installed new windows and doors, the Russian Ministry said.
Overall, Russian construction companies have restored 106 schools and 54 kindergartens in the Republic.
LPR Acting Head Leonid Pasechnik earlier said that massive construction had been launched in the Republic after it became a part of the Russian Federation.
The Lugansk People’s Republic acceded to Russia on September 30, 2022 following the unification referendum.*i*ie





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