Russia delivers 114 tons of food to Severodonetsk

A humanitarian aid convoy of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry (EMERCOM) has delivered 114 tons of food from the Federal Agency for State Reserves to Severodonetsk, local authorities said.
“EMERCOM has been delivering humanitarian aid to Severodonetsk every month for nearly a year,” Town Hall said in a post on Telegram. “The 114-ton cargo includes flour, pasta and canned food. Every batch is formed depending on requests from town residents.”
A Town Hall representative said that this time, the cargo came from the Federal Agency for State Reserves:  7.5 tons of fish, 56 tons of pasta and some 50 tons of flour.
All town residents come for relief supplies which are distributed every day except weekends; not all people receive their pay, so they really need humanitarian aid, the official said.
Humanitarian aid headquarters chief Vladislav Novozhilov said that Severodonetsk received three to eight humanitarian aid convoys a month on the average.
“The products are always of good quality. The support from Russia makes us feel a part of something bigger: a large and consolidated country,” Novozhilov said.
On July 10, an EMERCOM convoy delivered 120 tons of food to Severodonetsk area residents. *i*ie


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