LPR and DPR to construct new 136-km power line

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LUGANSK, March 24 (Lugansk Media Centre) – LPR and DPR are going to build a 136-km long power transmission line to upgrade the energy transmission system in the Republics.

Representatives of the ministries and agencies involved in the construction discussed the project with the LPR People's Council Chairman Sergey Kozlov.

The LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik has signed a decree to issue encumbrance certificates for certain land plots to facilitate the construction.

"The decree launches the survey, development and constructions phases of the project, Chaykino-Kommunarskaya 220 kV power line" Kozlov said.

The total length of the line is 136 km, 36 of them will be constructed on the LPR territory, in the Perevalsk and Antratsit districts.

The project is financed by both Republics.

"Temporary encumbrance will facilitate the 100 pc fulfilment of the project," deputy Minister of Fuel, Energy and Coal Andrey Kustov said.


The Energy Ministry has already approved technical specifications for survey and construction works, contractor company has been chosen.

The line is projected to run as far from the contact line as possible to avoid any possible damage caused by shelling.

Kommunarskaya switchyard is to be reconstructed as part of the project.

The project previews the re-design of the entire substation, including the replacement of high-voltage switches, launch of relay protection and automation, a control system for main and auxiliary equipment. A modern automatic information and measurement system will be installed to ensure reliable operation of the equipment.


The exact location of the line has been defined in cooperation with the Perevalsk and Antratsit district administrations.

To eliminate any negative impact on the infrastructure and nature, relevant ministries defined "most appropriate territories" for the construction.

In the Perevalsk region, the line runs across private land plots.

The region's administration head Vitaliy Mikhailov said that the owners will be assisted and explained that the encumbrance is temporary, issue for the duration of the construction.

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