Kiev's suggestion to summon security subgroup has no grounds – LPR Foreign Ministry


Kiev's calls to hold an emergency meeting of the security subgroup are meaningless since Ukraine provided neither draft documents nor concrete plans, LPR's delegation press secretary Maria Kovshar said.

"By calling an emergency meeting aimed at "adopting decisions on reinstalling durable ceasefire" Ukraine once again attempted to create an illusion in the eyes of the international community and European guarantors that it is an efficient participant of the Minsk talks," she said.

"Since the previous similar meeting Ukraine presented neither draft documents nor concrete plans. They just come up with their "let's talk no strings attached. It makes such a meeting useless," Kovshar explained.

She reminded that Ukraine has been violating the Additional Measures to Strengthen the Ceasefire immediately after they came into force.

The previous agreement on the ceasefire was reached by the Contact Group on June 21, 2020 but it was violated by Kiev forces 30 minutes after coming into force.

The members of the Contact Group have announced ceasefire for more than twenty times since autumn 2014. Kiev forces regularly violate the truce opening fire with heavy artillery, mortars and tank guns, which should have been withdrawn in accordance with the Minsk Agreements.

The Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements was adopted by the Contact Group on Ukraine on 12 February 2015 and supported by member states of the Normandy Four (Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France). The UN Security Council approved the document by its 2202 Resolution and called upon all the sides to ensure full implementation of the Package of Measures. *t

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