Фото: Луганский Информационный Центр

The Lugansk People’s Republic Election Commission has certified the results of the regional parliamentary election which the United Russia party won by a landslide gathering 74.63 percent of votes.

The election was held on party lists; a political party had to net at least 5 percent of votes to be represented in the regional 50-seat parliament.

“United Russia” got 74.63 percent of the vote (39 mandates), the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia 9.87 percent (five mandates), the Communist Party of the Russian Federation 7.5 percent (four mandates) and A Just Russia 5.56 percent (two mandates). New People, the fifth election participant, did not win any seats with only 1.46 percent of vote.


The first parliamentary and municipal elections in the Lugansk People’s Republic after its accession to Russia took place on September 8 through September 10.

Early voting was held on September 1 - 4 at 329 exterritorial venues in 81 Russian regions for residents staying outside the LPR, while on September 2 through 7, it was held in remote areas or in locations where setting up a polling station was not possible.*i*sb