Families in Russian regions are willing to adopt orphans from the Lugansk Peoples Republic, said LPR children’s ombudsperson Inna Shvenk.   “They come over to submit adoption papers,” Shvenk said, ”<...> many come from other regions of the Russian Federation; earlier this week, we had visitors from Norilsk, Tyumen and the Altai Territory.”   Before the LPR’s accession to Russia, LPR orphans could be taken into foster care or adopted only in the territory of the Republic.   “Our children are very nice but their fates have been hard as they’re living in wartime on top of everything. So the sympathizing citizens of the Russian Federation are very protective of our children wishing to give them a happy life and bright future,” the ombudsperson said.   The parentless children database and the adoption regulations are available on the website of the LPR Labor and Social Policy Ministry in the “Looking for Family” section.   Russia’s Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova-Belova earlier said that more than 90 orphaned LPR children had been adopted into families from 16 Russian regions. *i*ie