Lugansk People’s Republic authorities plan to launch sunflower oil production in Melovoye by September 1, said LPR Acting Head Leonid Pasechnik following his meeting with local residents.   Pasechnik said in a post on Telegram that he had received a report from Acting District Head Oleg Savchenko “on the restoration of the local sunflower oil manufacturer, pursuant to his personal instruction.”   “As of today, the company has already hired 20 people; repairs of the boiler house and press machine shops are underway,” he said adding that the launching date was set for September 1.   “It will provide new jobs and development opportunities,” Pasechnik said.   In the course of the meeting, Pasechnik and local residents addressed the water supply problem in the Zorinovka village, lack of postal service in several settlements and repairs of an apartment building in Melovoye. The district head announced plans to open a checkpoint on the border with Russia’s Rostov region. *i*ie