LPR cultural centers launch preparations for Dal jubilee in 2026

Cultural centers of the Lugansk People’s Republic have launched preparations to mark the 225th birthdate of dictionary maker Vladimir Dal in 2026, said LPR Culture Minister Dmitry Sidorov.
President Vladimir Putin signed the decree on celebrating Dal’s birthdate earlier this month. The year 2021 was announced Vladimir Dal’s year by Lugansk People’s Republic Head Leonid Pasechnik. “All efforts will be made to prepare Dal timeline programs,” the minister said.
Lugansk region residents honor the memory of their fellow countryman Vladimir Dal who composed the Explanatory Dictionary of the Live Great Russian Language, Vladimir Dal Museum Director Yelena Khromova said.
Vladimir Dal (1801-872), is the author of the Explanatory Dictionary of the Live Great Russian Language. He was born in Lugansk on November 10 (22) 1801. Attached to the native land, he adopted the nickname “Kazak (Cossack) Lugansky”.

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