“Mir Luganschine” activists help 3,300 self-isolated LPR residents


Social movement “Mir Luganschine” activists provided assistance as part of the “Helping Hand” action to more than 3,300 Lugansk People’s Republics residents who are in self-isolation because of coronavirus (COVID-19), the social movement’s press service reported.

“Mir Luganschine” received 3,316 requests for help since the start of the action; all of them were responded to in the shortest time possible”, the report said.

Activists deliver food supplies, water and medications to the elderly and mobility-impaired and self-isolated residents. The products are bought at the expense of the applicants, the press service said.

On April 1, 2020, LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik tasked “Mir Luganschine” with helping the residents in self-isolation. The next day, the movement announced the recruitment of volunteers who began to provide assistance on April 3.

The World Health Organization called the COVID-19 coronavirus infection a pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus. The first coronavirus infection cases were recorded in China in late 2019. The number of coronavirus contacts across the world has exceeded 198.2 million by now; of those, over 4.2 million people died, according to the WHO. The LPR confirmed 6,763 COVID-19 cases.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, the LPR authorities put the Republic on high alert and introduced lockdown measures. *t

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