Ukrainian army loses 1,700 fighters on Kupyansk, Krasny Liman axes over week


Russian forces have repelled 49 Kiev army attacks on the Kupyansk and Krasny Liman axes in the period from November 11 to November 17; enemy manpower losses have amounted to almost 1,700, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

“On the Kupyansk axis, Task Force “West” units repelled 26 enemy attacks over the past week and continued to improve their forward line positions,” the report said.

Artillery fire and airstrikes inflicted damage on manpower and equipment of four Ukrainian army brigades in the areas of Sinkovka, Timkovka and Zagoruikovka in the Kharkov region. Ukrainian army losses amounted to more than 575 servicemen killed or wounded, two tanks, ten armored fighting vehicles, 11 cars and 13 field artillery pieces.

On the Krasny Liman axis, Task Force “Center” units supported by aircraft, artillery and heavy flamethrower systems repelled 23 attacks by assault groups of the Ukrainian army’s 24th and 47th Mechanized Brigades, 12th Special Operations Brigade and 15th National Guard regiment.  “Enemy losses on this axis amounted to more than 1,100 servicemen, eight armored fighting vehicles and five field artillery pieces,” the Defense Ministry said.*i*sb

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