Ukraine’s high flu, ARVI rate stems from poor immunisation - LPR chief sanitary officer

LUGANSK, February 12 (Lugansk Media Centre) - High flu and acute respiratory viral infection rates in Ukraine were caused by insufficient vaccination in the country, LPR chief sanitary officer Dmitriy Dokashenko told a news briefing at Lugansk Media Centre on Monday.
Ukrainian media reported that the authorities fully or partially suspended classes at schools in almost all regions of the country because of high illness rates. Schools were closed in Ternopol and Rovno and Kiev authorities announced full quarantine at 75 Kiev schools and selective containment at 59 schools.
Classes were cancelled at schools in Transcarpathia’s Mukachevo District, Zhitomir and Chernovtsi. Schools in Lvov and Volyn regions, Zaporozhye, Vinnytsia, Nikolayev, Dneptropetrovsk and Kharkov regions were partially quarantined.
“Apparently it has to do with immunisation; in adjacent Russian territory it is carried out every year,” Dokashenko said. “More than 40 percent of the population get vaccinated and the epidemiological situation is more predictable with flu cases showing fewer complications.”
“Of course Ukraine has no such immunisation percentage,” Dokashenko said.
Earlier, he said that LPR ARVI incidence was 11 percent lower than the epidemic threshold and that more than 120,000 residents had been vaccinated.
Dokashenko also noted that LPR medical centres were ready to provide assistance to the population during flu and ARVI season.

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