Statement by LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik


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The day before, Vadim Pristaiko joined Leonid Kuchma and Vladimir Zelensky who are not willing to implement the Minsk Agreements. Consequently, all the key Ukrainian policymakers made it clear that the Minsk Agreements for them are a tool for speculations and self-promotion, not for ending the war and the five-year conflict in which innocent people are killed by their hand.

I remind Kiev that the Minsk Agreements have been signed by four guarantor states including Ukraine and that the document is binding. I call for rigorous compliance with each article and implementation of all the undertaken commitments including securing of the special status in the Constitution and amnesty for the people who were not afraid to rise to the defence of their rights and whom Kiev began to imprison and kill for it.

Securing the special status in the Ukrainian Constitution is crucial. Without this foundation, President Zelensky’s party can amend this law or annul it any time.

It is not enough for Vladimir Zelensky to promise to end the war, it is time to move to action and implement the existing agreements, the only real way towards establishing peace in Donbass.


Head of Lugansk People’s Republic

Leonid Pasechnik


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