Stakhanov resident sentenced to 12 years for high treason - prosecutors


The Lugansk People’s Republic Supreme Court has sentenced a resident of Stakhanov to 12 years in prison for high treason, the LPR Prosecutor General’s Office press service reported.

Agents of Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence Service recruited the man in September 2017. He was tested with a mission to gather intelligence on high-placed civil servants and law-enforcement officers of the Lugansk People’s Republic, prosecutors said.

“Working against LPR security and using a broad circle of acquaintances and personal connections, the defendant gathered data on 17 residents including law-enforcers and civil servants. He later passed this information to a foreign secret service,” the PGO said.

In the period from September 2017 to April 2021, he also passed information on the LPR socio-political and economic situation and movements of military hardware in the Republic to Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligent Service.

“The LPR Supreme Court, on the strength of the body of evidence, sentenced him to 12 years in prison,” the PGO said. The man pleaded guilty at the hearing repenting his crime.

Earlier, the LPR Supreme Court sentenced a Krasnodon district resident to six years in jail for high treason. *i*s

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