Russian humanitarian aid convoy unloading in Lugansk


The 104th humanitarian aid convoy of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry (EMERCOM) arrived in Lugansk on Thursday; the cargo is being unloaded into city warehouses.

Eight EMERCOM trucks delivered 109.3 tons of medications and medical equipment.

Earlier, LPR Healthcare Minister Natalia Paschenko said that the next batch of Russia’s Sputnik Light vaccine was expected in the Republic on November 25.

EMERCOM’s 103rd humanitarian aid convoy delivered to Lugansk 79 tons of medications and medical products.

The first Russian humanitarian aid convoy arrived in the Lugansk People’s Republic on August 22, 2014. Russia has delivered to the Donbass Republics more than 100,000 tons of relief supplies since, including some 49,000 tons to the LPR. *i*s

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