Police seize 49,000 ammunition rounds at former Kiev army positions outside Severodonetsk

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Lugansk People’s Republic police have seized almost 49,000 rounds of ammunition and military uniforms of Ukrainian servicemen from a weapons cache at former Ukrainian army positions in the Severodonetsk area, said the LPR Interior Ministry press service.
“The police, acting on a tip off, searched a wooded area near Severodonetsk. They found a huge weapon and ammunition cache as well as abandoned Ukrainian army uniforms,” the press service said.
 The cache contained
30,240 5.45mm rounds;
7,400 7.62 x 54mm rounds;
10,500 7.62 x 39mm rounds;
seven SPG-9 recoilless gun rounds;
three PG-9C anti-tank grenades for the RPG-7 grenade launcher;
four OG-9M1 fragmentation grenades for RPG-7;
three RPG-7 rounds;
104 RGD-5 grenades;
78 F1 grenades;
seven RG-42 grenades;
24 RKG-3 grenades;
10 UZRGM fuses;
one Zu-23 anti-aircraft gun round;
one D-30 howitzer round;
27 120mm high-explosive fragmentation mines;
eight 125mm artillery rounds;
78 30mm rounds for 2A42 gun;
eight fuses for BM-21 “Grad” multiple rocket launcher rounds, the LPR Interior Ministry said.
The Ukrainian government launched the so-called anti-terrorist operation against Donbass in April 2014.  The peace talks failed to reach tangible results due to Kiev’s position to settle the conflict by force.
The Lugansk People’s Republic acceded to Russia on September 30, 2022 following the unification referendum.*i*ie


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