Pasechnik sets four goals of coal industry reshuffle

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LUGANSK, April 27 (Lugansk Media Centre) – LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik has defined the four main goals of the coal industry reorganization.

The reshuffle program was announced by the LPR Government. The primary tasks were described as to make all coal enterprises cost-effective, pay salaries on time and keep all the social guarantees for their employees.

"Time has come to bring it to order. There is a common approach, unified salary, unified price for coal, unified sales. We must have an understanding, the state must control it all," Pasechnik said

He said that goal number one is to pay salaries regularly; number two is to raise the salaries regularly; number three is regular tax payments as it is important for the development of related industries – railroads, transport, social sphere, etc. The fourth goal is to establish a transparent coal sales system by eliminating "persons who make money on miners while doing nothing themselves".


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