Pasechnik: LPR hopes Russia-US talks lead to de-escalation in Donbass


LPR hopes that December 7 talks between Russian and US presidents will contribute to de-escalation in Donbass, the LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik said speaking at the "5th Studio" TV show on Russia 24 Channel.

"We are aware of the talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden, where Kiev's failure to fulfil the Minsk Agreements was discussed among other things. Undoubtedly, we have high hopes that the decisions made will have effect on Kiev's orders to their armed forces, and they will reduce shelling to minimum, or stop the shelling altogether, because we know where it is coming from," he said.

Pasechnik added that "Ukraine has no resources of its own to fight a war in Donbass", and the fact that its defence minister asked the US for miliary aid proves it.

"We hope that shelling stops," he emphasized.

Putin and Biden held a virtual summit Tuesday to discuss the sitiation in Ukraine, and a number of other issues on the international agenda. *t

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