Nine Revival Leaders contest participants get executive jobs in LPR


Nine finalists of the Revival Leaders talent pool contest have already filled executive positions in the Lugansk People’s Republic, LPR Acting Head Leonid Pasechnik said at the contest closing ceremony.

The Republic “needs leaders, crisis managers and the people who are not afraid of assuming responsibility for their decisions and who know how to make life better,” Pasechnik said.

Nine people have already got executive jobs such as deputy minister posts at the LPR Fuel and Energy Ministry and the Housing and Public Utilities Ministry, he said.

One finalist has been appointed head of the Lisichansk administration. This work is very challenging: the town has to be rebuilt from scratch as it lacks water and power supply due to badly damaged infrastructure, the LPR leader said.

On August 27, Moscow hosted the finals of the Revival Leaders talent pool contests which had been held in the new territories.


The Revival Leaders contests were launched for the first time in the new regions in 2022 to bring out talented executives ready to fulfil field-specific administrative tasks, with good  leadership qualities, organizational skills and the wish to rebuild their regions.

The participants must be over 20 years of age, and have at least one-year experience in executive work and one-year connection to the contest host region (through residence, academic study or close relatives living in the region).

Each finalist or winner gets one million rubles for training in a program of their choice. They will be appointed to executive posts at government or municipal bodies, enterprises and organizations.

Revival Leaders is arranged along the lines of the Russian Leaders contest which was launched in 2017.*i*sb

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