LPR parliament sets up eight committees

The new Lugansk People’s Republic parliament elected under the Russian law for the first time, has set up eight committees and appointed their chairpersons at its first session.
The following committees have been established:
- Committee on legislation, state development, local governance, parliamentary procedure and ethics (chairman: Alexander Kriyerenko, United Russia);
- Committee on budget, taxes and property (Alexey Beletsky, United Russia);
- Committee on economic policy, industry, entrepreneurship, investment and external economic ties (Sergey Didenko, United Russia);
- Committee on construction, housing and utilities, energy, transport and communications (Gennady Tarakanov, A Just Russia);
- Committee on healthcare, education, science, culture, labor, social policy, family, youth, sports and tourism (Ivan Sanayev, United Russia);
- Committee on agrarian policy, use of natural resources and land matters (Vasily Leonov, United Russia);
- Committee on servicemen, civil defense, emergencies, law and order and Cossack affairs (Yan Leshchenko, United Russia);
- Committee on public associations, information policy and inter-parliamentary cooperation (Yury Yurov, United Russia).
The previous parliament elected under LPR laws had seven committees.
The first local elections in the Lugansk People’s Republic after its accession to Russia took place in all its 28 municipalities on September 8 through September 10. Early voting was held on September 1 - 4 at 329 exterritorial polling stations in 81 Russian regions for residents staying outside the LPR, while on September 2 through 7, it was held for residents living in remote areas.
Voter turnout at the LPR parliamentary election was 72.53 percent. The LPR has a 50-member parliament.*i

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