Moscow region medics check up more than 5,000 children in LPR

Moscow region medical teams on assignments to the Lugansk People’s Republic have carried out more than 5,000 well-child checkups, said the Moscow region Healthcare Ministry press service.
“Our doctors checked up 550 children in the LPR last week,” the press service said citing Moscow Region Government First Deputy Chairperson Svetlana Strigunkova.  “Overall, more than 5,000 children have been examined since November 2022.”  
The Moscow region Healthcare Ministry said that medical examinations in the LPR are conducted by a 25-member team equipped with medical equipment and consumables. It includes pediatricians, surgeons, ophthalmologists, neurologists, orthopedic traumatologists and other specialist physicians.
“It’s the second teams of doctors who do checkups. It comprises leading doctors from the towns of Krasnogorsk, Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Electrostal, Pushkino, Zaraisk, Istra and Chekhov,” the Ministry said.
The LPR resumed preventive medical examinations of children from January 16 as part of implementation of the presidential instruction to check up more than 160,000 children living in the Republic.
The Lugansk People’s Republic acceded to Russia on September 30, 2022 following the unification referendum.*i*v

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