Moscow and Lugansk become sister cities


Lugansk and Moscow have become sister towns as the mayors of the cities have signed the corresponding declaration.

"Today, the cities of Lugansk and Moscow have become twin cities. We have outlined joint plans to restore Lugansk, bring back peaceful life. We are talking about restoring schools, clinics, housing, engineering infrastructure, gas pipelines, water pipelines, power lines, road network", - Sobyanin said.

The joint Declaration of the Administrations of the sister cities
expresses the desire for cooperation and the development of mutually beneficial relations in science and technology, transport, infrastructure, information technology, social protection of the population, healthcare, education, sports, tourism, environmental protection, family and youth policy spheres.

The Moscow government will provide the authorities of Lugansk with socio-economic and humanitarian assistance for the soonest possible tackling  of the consequences of hostilities, restoring social, housing and engineering infrastructure, preparing for the autumn-winter period, as well as the implementation of the city development plans.

Sobyanin examined a number of local objects, currently under reconstruction with the assistance of Russian experts Currently, 1.5 thousand people and 500 pieces of equipment are involved in reconstruction efforts.

Earlier, Lugansk received construction materials from Moscow as part of its humanitarian aid. *t

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