LPR’s “United Russia” supporters number over 10,000 - Pasechnik


The number of supporters of the all-Russia political party “United Russia” in the Lugansk People’s Republic has exceeded 10,000, LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik said at the party membership ceremony held at the Vladimir Dal Lugansk State University.

“Very little time has passed since we held a conference at this university, at which activists asked me to set up a database center of “United Russia” supporters. As of now, there more than 10,000 “United Russia” supporters in our Republic; of course, it’s gratifying,” the LPR leader said.

Earlier, Pasechnik said that residents of the Republic supported initiatives, plans and ideas of “United Russia” which helped the Donbass Republics survive in 2014. He backed the initiative to launch a movement of “United Russia” supporters in the Republic. The Vladimir Dal Lugansk State University set up center for submitting “United Russia” membership applications.

The Mir Luganschine social movement, Lugansk Economic Union and trade union organizations at LPR enterprises also accept applications from residents wishing to join the ranks of “United Russia” supporters. *i*s

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