LPR ministry, Smart Sport Society sign cooperation agreement

The Lugansk People’s Republic Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth (MKSM) and the Smart Sport regional society have concluded a cooperation agreement.
“The document was signed by LPR Minister of Culture, Sport and Youth Dmitry Sidorov and head of the regional society Ivan Petrin on Tuesday,” the MKSM press service reported.
Under the agreement, LPR athletes will take part in competitions in other regions of Russia, in the first place in the Kursk region, the press service said. 
“The parties discussed the mechanism for involving as many LPR children as possible in sport events. Competitions encourage children to strive toward further achievements in sport and meet physical fitness standards. We hope that this mechanism will operate to the full extent and that children will visit us; our guests are always welcome. We very much want to create a maximum of opportunities for children despite the difficulties we encounter,” Petrin said.
The Smart Sport leader said that “accords do not impose any boundaries; we proceed from the initiative.”
“We make no difference between athletic disciplines nor do we have award-winning objectives. Many children had no experience in away tournaments, and they’ll never have if they are not given this opportunity. Consequently, we want all children, regardless of their athletic discipline, to have this opportunity to travel for sport competitions, communicate with other athletes and feel as members of one big family,” he said.
Kursk region parliament deputy, chairman of the Lugansk community in the Kursk region Alexander Trubnikov said that the agreement would facilitate the development and support of children and youth sport federations.”
“It is a framework agreement; it does not envision any plans for tournaments. We organize the participation of your children in certain events as the need arises, and they come to compete. I believe the agreement will improve big-time sports and the sports open for general use and consolidate our children, facilitate their communication and raise the friendly Russian spirit to a higher level,” Trubnikov said.
Kursk region administration deputy minister of domestic and youth policy Anatoly Drogan said that a similar agreement had already been tested in the DPR.
The Kursk region administration came up with the initiative to conclude sport cooperation agreements with the Donbass Republics. It is a framework document which envisions cooperation in involving LPR athletes in scheduled sport tournaments of Russia and Kursk region in particular. We’ve had such practice with the DPR; the agreement was signed after the (unification) referendum. We brought a DPR track and field delegation to the Kursk region, then a rhythmic gymnastics delegation which later visited Moscow and enjoyed a cultural and sport program prepared for them,” the deputy minister said.
The agreement will help build the bridges between sport federations, he added.
The Kursk region has many established schools of world renown in such sports as fencing, judo, bicycling and boxing,” Drogan said. *i*v

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