LPR lawyers, notaries take exams to work in Russian legal environment

Lugansk People’s Republic lawyers and notaries take examinations to be able to work in the Russian legal framework, the Russian Justice Ministry reported on its website.
"Examination commissions consisting of representatives of the Russian Justice Ministry, Federal Notary Chamber and Federal Chamber of Lawyers are working in the LPR,” the report said. “On the first day, 92 lawyers passed the examination on knowledge of Russian laws and took the oath.".
After passing the examination, lawyers will have a founding session to establish the Chamber of Lawyers of the Lugansk People’s Republic.
“Sixty people have passed the notary qualification exam. After the Republic has adopted the law on the number of positions in the notary district, the successful candidates will be vested with the powers of notary of the Russian Federation and the regional Notary Chamber will be established,” the Justice Ministry said.
The notaries who worked in the LPR as of the day of its accession to the Russian Federation, have preferential right to fill the positions of notaries if they have Russian citizenship, and have passed the qualification exam and met other requirements.
LPR lawyers are required to know the Russian laws, meet the legal requirements for lawyers and be members of the LPR Chamber of lawyers.
"The Justice Ministry together with the Federal Notary Chamber and the Federal Chamber of Lawyers prepared training programs, adopted the necessary legal acts and approved the examination commissions," the ministry added.
The Lugansk People’s Republic became a part of Russia on September 30, 2022 following the unification referendum.*i*vы

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