LPR Head backs establishment of United Russia supporters movement


Lugansk People’s Republic Head Leonid Pasechnik has backed the initiative to establish in the Republic the movement of “United Russia” party supporters, which was brought forward during a round table discussion at the Vladimir Dal Lugansk State University (LGU) by its rector, deputy chairman of the LPR Public Chamber Viktor Ryabichev.

The participants in the discussion included First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Commtitee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots Viktor Vodolatsky, aide to the LPR Head on the Coassack community, cadet training and military and patriotric eduction Sergey Yurchenko, LPR Public Chamber Chairman Alexey Karyakin, LPR parliamentarians, social organizations representatives and LGU teachers and students.

“We’re not welcome in Ukraine, we are only welcome in the big and strong Russia. We’ve always felt that we belong to the Russian world and time has come to prove it again,” Ryabichev said. “It is great honor for me to be a supporter of the all-Russia political party “United Russia”. I’m confident that our Dal Univeristy fully shares my position. “I’ve read “United Russia’s” program. I’m calling on my colleagues and friends to raise our hands and become supporters of our united party.”

The participants unanimously supported the initiative of the LPR Public Chamber deputy chairman.

“I’m sure that thousands of people in our territory wish to become supporters of the United Russia party, and that they will join this party in the near future,” Pasechnik said. “I’m taking this statement by the community with great pleasure; I support it and we’ll certainly provide comprehensive assistance. The tasks United Russia is set to accomplish are unchanged: welfare and higher standar of living of our Republic and Russian residents in what I believe to be our common territory.”

Vodolatsky expressed confidence that “there are people in other towns and disricts (of the LPR) who will join the movement of “United Russia” supporters.”

“Mr Ryabichev, I’m very grateful to you for your initiative, and I think that your core activists will decide on the procedure, mechanism and collection of applications. Today, (DPR-Russian) political integration has taken place in this hall. Thank you for the support,” the Russian parliamentarian said.

Earlier, Pasechnik said that initiatives of the all-Russia political party “United Russia” helped the Donbass Republics survive in 2014. *i*r

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