LPR has evidence of Protasevich's involvement in crimes against Donbass civilians

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LPR has irrefutable evidence of the involvement of Belorussian blogger Roman Protasevich in the crimes against Donbass civilians, the LPR Prosecutor General's Office spokeswoman Inna Semyonova said.

"LPR investigators continue working on the case to collect evidence of the former editor-in-chief of the Nexta Belorussian opposition Telegram-channel Protasevich and other members of the Azov nationalistic battalion, banned in the LPR, involvement in crimes against Donbass civilians," she said.

"As a result of the work carried out by Republican law enforcement officials, irrefutable evidence has been gathered proving that the individual was involved with the above-mentioned formation in 2014-2015 and resorting to the banned methods and means of warfare."

Semyonova added that Protasevich's confession played an important role in "the advance in the investigation".

According to LPR investigators, Protasevich was a sniper of the Ukrainian Azov nationalist battalion and opened fire on civilians. His photos showed him in military uniform with a weapon in hands together with gunmen of the nationalistic battalion. Later he founded the Nexta Telegram channel, which was recognized as extremist in Belarus. The extremist was detained at the Minsk airport together with his girlfriend Sofia Sapega during document check on May 23. *t

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