LPR has enough food grain to keep bread prices at bay - Kozlov

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LUGANSK, January 16 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The LPR has enough food grain in stockto keep bread prices at the same level until the next crops at least, said the chairman of the Council of Ministers Sergey Kozlov who visited two major LPR bread-baking plants on Wednesday.

Kozlov was accompanied by the minister of industry and trade Dmitry Bozhich on his visit to the Golden Crops (Zolotoy Urozhai) LLC. Later Kozlov visited the Lugansk-Niva public company.

"We have examined how our minimal food crops supply is stored, making sure that the stock is enough, and crops are stored accordingly.

"The two companies operation is stable, it makes us feel confident in terms of bread production and its price. The price will not rise until the next crops."

Kozlov said that efforts would be applied to keep prices at bay even after the next crops is harvested.

"The capacity of our grain elevator is 100 thousand tons while food safety requires one and half times less than that," said the Lugansk-Niva chairwoman of the board Zinaida Naden.

"We have enough grain in stock, nothing to worry about. No surge in prices is expected. If we survived 2014, everything will be fine in 2019."

 Naden said that current bread prices in the LPR are much lower than in Ukraine. She added that the "social bread" constitutes 84 percent of bread produced in the Republic.

Acting director general of the Golden Crops LLC Irina Kristenkova said that the company is also keeping the prices at the current level. The plant has an emergency stock of grains enough to keep production line running for five days.

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