LPR group exhumes remains of 36 Ukrainian aggression victims from Krasnodon district mass grave


Representatives of the Lugansk People’s Republic working group on the search for burial sites of Ukrainian aggression victims, their identification and perpetration of their memory, have exhumed remains of 36 Ukrainian army aggression victims from a mass grave in the Verkhneshevyrevka village area, Krasnodon district.

“Overall, remains of 36 civilians, victims of Ukrainian aggression, were retrieved from a mass grave in a gully next to the Verkhneshevyrevka village,” the working group reported.

Remains of nine victims were retrieved on the last day of disinterment.

“No more burial sites were found in the course of careful examination of the remaining part of the gully. The working group plans to analyze the obtained data, re-bury the remains and identify the victims,” a working group representative said.

LPR authorities urged residents to report individual or mass graves or missing relatives (in zones of fighting since 2014 to date) using the working group’s hotline +38 (072) 216 80 30 or email address wg-img-lpr@ya.ru.

Earlier, the working group called on the people whose relative went missing in the course of the Ukrainian aggression to take DNA tests.

In Pervomaisk, the working group exhumed the remains of 80 Ukrainian aggression victims.

The first exhumation of a Ukrainian aggression victim by the working group took place in the village of Sabovka, Slavyanoserbsk district, on August 11. As of August 31, remains of 40 people had been retrieved from graves in the Slavyanoserbsk and Pervomaisk districts. On September 3, the working group reported the exhumation of another 28 Ukrainian aggression victims from a grave in Pervomaisk. *i*b

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