LPR fire area exceeds 35 hectares over 24 hours - Emergencies Ministry


Fires have destroyed three hectares of forest, 13 hectares of needle liter and 20 hectares of dry grass in the Lugansk People’s Republic over the past 24 hours, the LPR Emergencies Ministry press service reported.

“As a result of careless handling of fire by unidentified persons on June 27 afternoon, fires destroyed needle litter on an area of seven hectares in the Smolyaninovo village area and three hectares of pine forest in Peschanoye Forestry of the Novoaidarskoye hunting range. Three-hectare needle litter fires raged in the Kremenskoye hunting range, Varvarovka village area and Starokrasnyanskoye Forestry.

Late in the afternoon, dry grass caught fire on an area of 20 hectares near the Tamara settlement, Antratsit district. The cause of the fire is being investigated.

The LPR Emergencies Ministry Hydrometeorology Centre announced that certain areas of the Republic would stay prepared for highest fire danger till June 29.

The LPR Emergencies Ministry reminded that making fires in forests and steppes was prohibited during the fire hazard period. Leaving bottles or glass fragments in forest and steppe areas is also prohibited as glass can act as magnifying lens to start a fire.*i*s

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