LPR farmers meet spring crops sowing targets

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LUGANSK, April 23 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Lugansk People’s Republic farmers have met the targets for sowing spring and leguminous crops, the LPR Agriculture and Food Ministry reported.

“As of April 22, 100 percent of the areas marked for spring and leguminous crops had been sown,” the report said.

The plan for spring wheat was carried out at over 100 percent, oats at 99 percent, spring barley at 97 percent and peas at 95 percent, the Ministry said.

The target for these crops was met at 119 percent in Perevalsky District and Rovenki, 117 percent in Krasnodon and Krasnodon District, 106 percent in Slavyanoserbsky district, 105 percent in Lugansk suburbs, Antratsit and Antratsit District, 100 percent in Lutugino District and Kirovsk, 79 percent in Sverdlovsk and Sverdlovsk District and 68 percent in Pervomaisk.

Earlier, the LPR Agriculture Ministry said that farmers had sown 94 percent of areas intended for spring and leguminous crops as of April 7.

LPR farmers launched spring field works on February 28 sowing spring crops on 85 percent of areas by April 1.

LPR Agriculture and Food Minister Yury Pronko said that 85 percent of tractors and 90 percent of groundcare machines had been prepared for spring works.

Food security remains a priority for the Republic, LPR government chairman Sergey Kozlov said.

The LPR Agriculture and Food Ministry said that the Agrarian Fund state-owned enterprise has been taking requests from farmers for equipment and supplies they need for spring sowing.


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