LPR demands that Kiev immediately liberates kidnapped JCCC officer


LPR representative in the Contact Group, Foreign Minister Vladislav Deinego demands that Ukraine immidiately liberates and returns the kidnapped JCCC officer.

A reconnaisance squad of the Ukrainian army 24th brigade captured a JCCC officer in Zolotoye earlier today as the mission's patrol was monitoring the ceasefire in the area to provide safety of a repair team clearing the road close to the Pervomaisl-Zolotoye checkpoint.

Deinego, speaking at the Contact Group video conference today, demanded that the officer is immediately liberated and returned to the LPR, said Rodion Miroshnik, LPR representative at the Contact Group's political subgroup, in a post in his Telegram channel.

All the JCCC members are unarmed at all times, according to the the LPR People's Militia statement issued following the incident. *t

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