LPR begins to restructure public administration to match Russian regional governance system

The Lugansk People’s Republic ‘s decrees on abolishing the Office of the LPR Head and the Republic’s executive bodies has launched the process of adjusting its public administration system to Russian standards, Head of the LPR leader’s Office Alexey Samoilov said.
On March 29, LPR Acting Head Leonid Pasechnik issued the decrees on abolishing the executive bodies of state authority and his administration, in connection with the LPR entry into Russian legal environment.
“With these decrees, we’re beginning to build the administration system which operates in other regions of the Russian Federation,” the press service of the LPR leader’s Office quoted Samoilov as saying. ”We'll abolish the government bodies and transfer their powers to territorial branches of federal executive bodies or new agencies established under Russian laws.”
This work has been going for some time; some agencies have been established, and some are yet emerge, he said.
“The process will have been completed by June 1. Simply stated, we’ll include our Republic in the single public administration system of the Russian Federation. It’s a very important step on the way towards integration into Russia's socio-economic space, which will make us part of one well-tuned mechanism of a big country,” Samoilov said.
The Lugansk People’s Republic acceded to Russia on September 30, 2022 following the unification referendum.*i*v

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