LPR actively preparing for transition to Russian legal system - parliamentarian

The Lugansk People’s Republic leadership is actively preparing the legal groundwork for the LPR transition to Russian legal environment, LPR parliament deputy speaker Dmitry Khoroshilov said at a meeting with representatives of the the Federal People’s Council in Lugansk.
“The legal framework is being actively prepared (in connection with the LPR’s accession to Russia), from the Constitution to administrative and territorial structure and election law,” Khoroshilov said. “We’re cooperating with working groups together with the LPR leader’s administration and government officials.”
He expressed the hope that the LPR would adopt its new Constitution in the near future.
“It will be another important stage in the establishment of the LPR as a constituent entity (of the Russian Federation,” Khoroshilov added. 
Earlier he said that the LPR parliament had drafted a new Fundamental Law.
The Lugansk People’s Republic became a part of Russia on September 30, 2022 following the unification referendum.*i*v

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