Kiev forces pound Stakhanov with Tochka-U missile


Ukrainian armed formations carried out a Tochka-U airstrike on Stakhanov, the local administration said.

"In the night of July 5-6, Stakhanov territory came under artillery shelling on the part of Ukrainian armed formations that used a Tochka-U missile," the report reads.

Parts of the missile hit the Severyanochka garages cooperative, destroying for of them.

Two vehicles, a scooter and bikes were also destroyed in the fire.

Ukraine has been carrying out a military crackdown against Donbass since 2014. Multiple announcements of ceasefires failed to stabilize the situation. The simmering armed conflict escalated rapidly in February this year, and sent Donbass barrelling towards an unprecedented bloodshed.

Russia intervened on February 24 by launching a special military operation to demilitarize Ukraine and bring peace back to Donbass. *t

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