Kiev forces fire 9 HIMARS rockets in July 12 attack on Lugansk


Ukrainian forces fired nine HIMARS rockets on northern Lugansk late on July 12, the LPR Mission to the JCCC said.

"A shelling was recorded at 11:35 p.m. from the direction of Ukrainian positions in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) targeting Lugansk, 9 rockets were fired," the report reads.

Earlier, the representative of the LPR People's Militia Col. Andrey Marochko said that the massive barrage had hit an Air Defence military unit that is responsible for protecting Lugansk.

There was no immediate threat to the population, he added, as other units are protecting the LPR airspace. Ukraine has been carrying out a military crackdown against Donbass since 2014. Multiple announcements of ceasefires failed to stabilize the situation. The simmering armed conflict escalated rapidly in February this year, and sent Donbass barrelling towards an unprecedented bloodshed.

Russia intervened on February 24 by launching a special military operation to demilitarize Ukraine and bring peace back to Donbass. *t

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