Humanitarian group agrees to exchange POW lists and discuss two new checkpoints

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LUGANSK, January 29 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The humanitarian group of the Contact Group has agreed to exchange the POW lists for their further verification and to follow up on the establishment of new disengagement areas, said LPR representative in the Contact Group humanitarian subgroup Olga Kobtseva.

"Today's meeting was quite constructive, we managed to discuss the POW exchange, the sides agreed to present exchange lists to verify them and confirm them."

"The sides expressed mutual interest in settling the issues impeding the progress and confirmed their intention to work through in more depth all the issues arising in connection with the opening of new checkpoints in Zolotoye and Schastye," she said.

Kobtseva said earlier that Ukrainian representative in the subgroup Valeria Lutkovskaya had stepped down. It is still unclear who is going to represent Ukraine further on.


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