Highest fire hazard level announced in LPR until June 29


The Lugansk People’s Republic Emergencies Ministry Hydrometeorology Centre announced the highest fire danger level in the LPR until June 29.

“During the period of June 25 – June 29 the highest fire danger will persist in certain areas of the Republic,” meteorologists warned.

Fire hazard is an atmospheric condition characterized by high ambient temperatures, low vapour content, lack of rains and other factors leading to wildfires and grass fires in fields and parks especially due to careless handling of fire.

There are five fire danger levels: very low, low, moderate, high and very high.

The LPR Emergencies Ministry reminded that making fires in forests and steppes was prohibited during the fire hazard period. Leaving glass bottles or fragments in forest and steppe areas is also prohibited, as glass can act as a magnifying lens to start a fire. *t


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