Four Ukrainian army servicemen die in COVID-19 vaccine trial

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LUGANSK, July 17 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Four Ukrainian service members died after COVID-19 vaccine trials, said LPR People's Militia press service officer Alexander Mazeikin.

The total of 15 volunteers were exposed to the vaccine and medication produced by Americal virologists in the Kharkov region. Eight of the volunteers were soon transferred to intensive care units, three were put on ventilation.

"The IC unit could not treat them adequately as the components of the vaccine were not known to them. As a result, five patients, four of them Ukrainian army service members, died."

 The World Health Organization announced COVID-19 a pandemic caused by novel coronavirus. The first cases were reported in China in late 2019. As of now, the number of the infected across the world has exceeded 13.3 million; more than 579,000 have died, according to WHO.

The LPR went on high alert and introduced lockdown measures changing the mode of operation of government bodies, industrial companies, organizations and transport. A majority of restrictions have been eased by now as the epidemiological situation improved.

The LPR Healthcare Ministry said that the coronavirus situation in the Republic had fully stabilized and was under control.

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