Fire erupts at Molodogvardeiskaya mine, no casualties reported


Fire erupted at the Molodogvardeiskaya mine of the Krasnodonskoye state mine directorate, no casualties were reported, the LPR Ministry of Emergencies said.

"On October 19, at 1.10 p.m. a fire dispatcher reported a blaze in the Molodogvardeiskaya mine of the Vostokugol Republican Fuel Company of the Krasnodonskoye state mine directorate industrial subdivision. The fire emerged in the 21st east conveyor passage at the junction with the 29th Orlovskiy conveyor passage. At 5.46 p.m. 141 people were brought to the surface, no casualties were reported."

The incident was tackled by 14 units of the Command Center for Paramilitary Mine Rescue Units of the LPR Ministry of Emergencies. Resuscitation and anti-shock groups, firefighter vehicle, members of the 2nd mine rescue unit command were also dispatched.

The fire was extinguished on October 20 at 3.30 a.m.*t

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