FADN, new regions discuss national policy issues in Lugansk

Representatives of Russia’s Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs (FADN) and the new regions have met in Lugansk to discuss implementation the national policy at the local level.
The meeting held in the LPR Government House focused on mechanisms of implementation the national policy amid the special military operation.
The event was attended by LPR Acting Head Leonid Pasechnik, representatives of the civil-military administration of the Zaporozhye region, and activists from the DPR, Republic of Tyva and Volgograd.
FADN Head Igor Barinov said that the collapse of the USSR occurred as a result of a big mistake “which by no means must be repeated today in the territory of the Russian Federation.”
“Our opponents who did it once are thinking why not do it again,” he said. “We see how actively they work in the ethnic sphere.  Practically every region in Russia attracts their attention and feels their influence. Huge sums have been invested.”
The enemies of Russia pay special attention to the new regions so the implementation of the national policy in these territories has priority significance, Barinov said.
“Today, representatives of different Russian regions have to come to help arrange systemic work in the new territories from the point of view of implementation of the state national policy,” the FADN leader said.
Barinov also said that the new Russian regions currently luck clear mechanisms for implementing the state national policy.
“There are no government bodies responsible for the state national policy, no experience or understanding of how to properly do it. You existed for long years separately, in a different media environment and education system; everything was slightly different. This system has to be adjusted,” the FADN leader said.
For his part, Pasechnik expressed confidence that FADN would make a consideration contribution to society consolidation in the new regions.
“It’s the sore spot which our enemies, i.e. the collective West has been hitting for dozens of years. History has taught us a practical lesson (the breakup of the USSR) which says that we must never disunite. Today, we’re on the way to recovery, we’re getting stronger,” he said.
The enemies of a strong Russia will be making all efforts to prevent our country from becoming stronger, he added.
“I believe that we have to make such decisions and implement them which will undoubtedly lead us to our complete victory and help defend our great country, great Motherland and leave it in one piece for our descendants,” Pasechnik said.
The Lugansk People’s Republic, Donetsk People’s Republic and Zaporozhye and Kherson regions acceded to Russia on September 30, 2022, based on the results of the unification referenda.*i*v

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