Eight LPR and Russia military engineers injured on duty during special operation


Eight military engineers from LPR and Russia have been injured during the special military operation ongoing since February 24, the LPR Ministry of Emergencies said.

"During humanitarian operation in the LPR, six Republican and two Russian engineers sustained blast injuries of various degrees because of the difficult minefields and combined minefields, as well as booby traps and improvised explosive devices aimed exclusively at deminers," the report reads.

"When retreating, Ukrainian nationalists stuffed public facilities, infrastructural objects and streets of Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, Rubezhnoye with mines."

Many mine belts are protected with booby traps and trip wire. There are days when engineer units manage to clear just a couple of dozen meters. 

LPR Emergencies Ministry and Russia's EMERCOM engineers have rendered safe more than 30,000 explosive ordnance since February, the ministry said.

An Uran-6 mine-clearing robot is used in the operation.

The robot can clear a 6-meter wide passage in a minefield, enough for vehicles and crawled-mounted equipment to pass through. It is remotely controlled from a distance of 50 meters from a covered position and 150 meter from an open position. *t

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