Doctor Liza's Fair Help charity assists 300 Donbass children in 2021


The Doctor Liza's Fair Help charity assisted more than 300 Donbass children in 2021in obtaining rehabilitation, the president of the international charity foundation Olga Demicheva said at a meeting with the LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik.

"Last year, regardless of the COVID infection and all the challenges, we managed to assist 128 LPR children, and the total of 300-plus children in the Donbass Republics," she said.

Of all the children, 96 were taken to Russia to receive treatment.

Fair Help was founded by Elizaveta Glinka, member of the Civil Society and Human Rights Council under the Russian president in 2007. Glinka was killed in the Tu-154 plane crash in Sochi area on 25 December 2016. She was among the first to give a helping hand to Donbass residents, sending seriously ill and wounded children to Russia for treatment and providing regular humanitarian aid to Donbass Republics’ health centres. *t

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