Builders from Russia’s Astrakhan region begin repairs of school in LPR's Kremennaya district

Builders from Russia’s Astrakhan region have begun to repair the school in the Kudryashovka village in the Kremennaya  district of the Lugansk People’s Republic, the district administration press service reported.

“The Astrakhan region has begun to rebuild the first facility in the Kremennaya district,” the press service said. “The Kudryashovka village school was damaged during the fighting. It accommodated an army hospital of the Russian coalition forces and the LPR. Local residents said that Ukrainian servicemen had delivered aimed fire at the building. Luckily, the hospital had been evacuated by then.”

Kudryashovka school director Inna Sukharevskaya talked about the damage caused to the school.

“The roof was completely ruined, and several projectiles hit the building. The school caught fire before our children’s eyes, they were very upset, because it is indeed a second home for them. We are thankful to the Astrakhan region of the Russian Federation for its assistance in rebuilding the school and hope that the work will run fast,” the school director said.

Currently, there are 50 children living in the village, twice as few as before the fighting. Those who stayed back, are looking forward to school opening and come to the schoolyard almost every day, she added.

A group of Astrakhan specialists inspected the school building in late August and put it on the list of priority rebuilding projects.

“Today, they began to tear down the demolished roof with the assistance of local residents,” a district administration official said.

Astrakhan region specialists staying in the district said that the plans for rebuilding social facilities need to be modified due to unceasing shelling of the town by Kiev forces.

“Kudryashovka is 40 kilometers away from Kremennaya, and it was here that we started working. We’ll redo the roof and replace the windows, said deputy minister of construction and public utilities of the Astrakhan region Sergey Zablotsky.  “As soon as the situation has stabilized in Kremennaya, our contractor will launch repairs in the district center.”

He said that there were no problems with the supply of construction materials and that truckloads of sawn timber and new windows were expected to arrive in the district in the next few days.

Kudryashovka resident Yury Vlasenko, who joined the builders said that he had attended this school in his childhood and that his daughter studies there now.

“They gave us tools and materials; we’re now waiting for timber to start making rafters. If not us, who will  rebuild it? My daughter studies here, I studied here and my son, aged 2, will have to study somewhere later on. So I believe that everybodfy has to take part in rebuilding the school because we live and bring up our children here,” he said.

Russian regions expressed readiness to help the LPR restore peaceful life across the Republic.

Medics and road construction workers from Bashkortostan are working in Krasny Luch.

Cooperation agreements were signed between Russia’s Astrakhan Region and Kremennaya District, Ulyanovsk Region and Lutugino District, Irkutsk Region and Kirovsk District, Bryansk Region and  Bryanka, Kaluga Region and Pervomaisk, Sevastopol and Starobelsk District, Volgograd Region and Alchevsk, Tyumen Region and Krasnodon District, Stavropol Territory and Antratsit District, Republic of Komi and Rovenki, Volgograd Region and Stanichno-Lugansky District and Omsk Region and Stakhanov.

Altai Territory is helping to rebuild Slavyanoserbsk District, Voronezh Region is rebuilding Melovoye, Markovo and Novopskov Districts, Novosibirsk Region is rebuilding Belovodsk District, Saratov Region is rebuilding Svatovo District and Belgogord Region is rebuilding Belokurakino and Troitskoye Districts. Moscow and Lugansk became twin cities.*i


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