Bryanka firefighters rescue 350-kg cow from drain pit

Saving household animals and pets is part of the work routine for firefighter crews in LPR rural areas.

Bryanka firefighters have rescued a 350-kg cow from a drain pit, where the bovine ended up trying to drink some water.

The owner of the cow addressed the rescue service saying that his animal is stuck in a drain pit outside Osoaviakhim.

"The unit No.21 on duty arrived on site to discover that the bovine was grazing when saw a four-meter deep and five meters wide pit and decided to drink from it. The path to the ditch was slippery, and the animal slid into it hindquarters first."\

The unit's commander and the cow's owner fixed a fire house around the animal and pulled it out with the assistance of their entire crew.

"The cow went calmly back home with her master," the statement added.

Firefighters are often alerted following incidents that are unrelated to blazes, but call for an immediate action or require certain skills and equipment that only professional rescuers possess. *t

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