API cases on the rise, but no epidemic - Lugansk Chief Medical Officer


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LUGANSK, January 27 (Lugansk Media Centre) –The number of acute respiratory infection cases in the LPR remains below the epidemic threshold, the Chief Medical Officer of Lugansk Spartak Gavrik said.

"As expected, we observe the raise of API cases number. In the fourth week of January the growth is 2- pc, but still the number if below the epidemic threshold."

One patient with influenza is being treated.

"We shall concentrate our efforts on preventing the spread of the virus, we shall check public places, 24-hour functioning places," Gavrik said.

"We have also tested 36 drinking water samples in a week, there were no signs of deviation."

As of January 16, the API level was 40 pc below the epidemic threshold.

In the Ukraine-controlled areas the situation is more alarming. A school in Novopskov is under quarantine as 171 pupils out of 684 have fallen ill.

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