Antratsit forum participants discuss LPR, DPR integration with Russia


Participants of the round table discussion “United with Russia” have discussed the Donbass Republics’ integration with the Russian Federation, the Lugansk People’s Republic Public Chamber press service reported.

The discussion involved Public Chamber members and representatives of the Republic’s Organization of Veterans, LPR Federation of Trade Unions, Mir Luganschine social movement and Lugansk Economic Union.

“It’s the fourth away meeting in LPR districts devoted to integration processes between the LPR, the DPR and Russia,” the press service said. “The speakers cited examples of cooperation between representatives of Donbass and brotherly Russia.”

LPR Public Chamber member, schoolteacher Valentina Surma pointed out at a strong similarity between LPR and Russian education programs and their social and historical vectors.

“We’ve always been and continue to be Russian. We share the same values and history, and I’m sure we will share one future. Historical justice must triumph, as we’re ready to make all efforts to let it happen. It’s very good that our younger generation grows and develops in the right vein leaning on examples of true heroes of the Fatherland,” she said.

Public Chamber administration head Anna Vlasenko urged the participants to vote in the Russian parliamentary election to confirm the choice made in 2014.

“Today, we’re reclaiming our important civic positions which Kiev politicians took away from us. Each of us can give their vote for a strong and dynamically developing Russia headed by a true leader,” Vlasenko said.

Earlier, round table discussions were held in Stakhanov, Alchevsk and Krasnodon.

The press service of the Mir Luganschine social movement reported that LPR towns would host round table discussions “United with Russia” on September 6 - 11. *i

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