220,000 LPR residents get vaccinated against CÖVID-19 - health official

More than 220,000 residents of the Lugansk People’s Republic have got their COVID-19 vaccine shots, deputy chief doctor of the Lugansk Republican Sanitary and Epidemiological Station Yelena Andreyenkova told Lugansk 24 TV.
“Immunization is now in full swing; vaccination figures increase every day,” Andreyenkova said. “Over 220,000 (people) have got vaccinated at LPR medical centers.”
The World Health Organization called the COVID-19 coronavirus infection outbreak a pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus. The first coronavirus infection cases were recorded in China in late 2019. The number of coronavirus contacts across the world has exceeded 332.6 million by now; of those, over 5.5 million people died, according to the WHO.  The LPR confirmed 22,066 COVID-19 cases.
To prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, the LPR authorities put the Republic on high alert and introduced lockdown measures.*i*t

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